There and back again

It's been a minute since I've had time to update my website.  Some of it was personal reasons, some of it was starting up the Milwaukee PowerShell User Group, some of it was being lazy after a long day at work and not wanting to spend 24 hours looking at a screen.

And some of it has been fighting. 

Fighting imposer syndrome, fighting to stay motivated and not burn out, and fighting to strike a balance between everything I do.

That being said I finally found time again to go back to documenting everything I have been doing.  As in the past - most of this is selfish on my part so I never have to re-invent the wheel.  And if someone learns something along the way then all the better.

If some of you have been paying attention you will notice that this site is back on SquareSpace.  I originally left SquareSpace because I was not using the site and it was costing me a monthly fee.  Now that I am dedicating time in my schedule to update more often and work on a few other things, I decided to move back to SquareSpace as it makes my life easier.  

That and I found that the login page I had for my other blog provider was not encrypted. The login itself (the actual input) was encrypted but that always makes me skiddish when I don't see an SSL cert on a login page. (No I am not sharing that previous providers name)


So since I am dedicating to myself to make this a more regular thing, I figured it's time. 

Time to come back to SquareSpace.

Time to relaunch.

Time to learn from the past mistakes.

Time to march forward.

Time to continue learning and put what I learn out there as a reminder for myself and for others.