Exiting a loop with a keypress

I recently was working on a script and wanted a loop to continue until I killed it manually, but I did not want to have to press CTRL+C as that would break out of the entire script.  After digging through a little bit, I figured out that I can use the ReadKey method of [System.Console] to read in data information while the loop continued running.  Digging around on the web for something that already was doing this (why re-invent the wheel?) I came across something on Stack Overflow which had most of the framework established already.

After looking through the code, I pulled out the unnecessary portions and have a simple drop in snippet that I can now drop into any loop and have it exit when necessary.

The code for this is below

Hopefully this is helpful in some way.  While I don't see using this often - I can see some specific instances where this could be helpful - one of which is the next thing I will be writing about later this weekend.