Apple, iPad, money, politics, and hippies

In case you were living under a rock this past week - Apple finally announced what had to have been the worst kept secret in history.  The iPad 2 is finally official and going on sale in less than a week.  

When Steve took the stage to offically announce iPad 2 - the hipsters rejoiced as their savior from “complex technology” (and their paychecks) took the stage to reveal how Apple was going to milk another 500 - 800 dollars out of them this month.  Nothing is more fun to watch than a hipster who foams at the mouth as he lusts over a new hipster item which every one of them will have in less than a week.

But what is probably more disturbing than anything else - is that with everything else going on in the world - the iPad 2 took up a majority of the online news cycles.  We have protests around the world, civil unrest, state budgets in the red, and the hipsters sit foaming at the mouth for their newest piece of technology.

Now - I can’t continue without being totally honest.  I am seriously considering getting an iPad 2.  I have finally found room in my life where it could be of use - and I do have an idea for an application I would like to do on the iPad which wouldn’t work on the iPhone.  I will note - I DO NOT have an original iPad.  I didn’t get into the hype of the “magical” iPad before it was released.  Instead I have observed the device after it had been released - playing with it here and there - and critically considering getting it (it is not a light investment).

With all that is going on in the world - it never fails to amaze me what goes through the social spheres which I am connected in and the online news networks.  While the protests and civil unrest have a few stories which appear on the front page - the majority of this past week was devoted to the iPad.  People debated in forums and chat rooms whether it was worth purchasing, what the advantages of the device over the previous iPad was, as well as speculating on the total ram of the device.

And yet….

And yet we have people protesting across the world for their freedom from oppressive governments.  Something that you would normally associate hipsters with taking up the cause for.  Instead they are glued to Steve Job’s black turtle neck getting their marching orders for the next few weeks on where to devote their cash.

Life does continue to go on - but somtimes its good to stop and observe what is going on in the rest of the world.  We can’t always continue on with our plans in life - just look at how thousand’s of people’s lives have been disrupted by protests and the like around the world.

And while people protest for their freedom from oppressive govements around the world - public workers in Wisconsin are protesting due to them having to pay a little more into their benefits.

What have we devolved into as a society where we don’t even protest for worthwhile causes anymore.  What we have become is a group of hippies - wanting to protest anything we can in the name of “sticking it to the man.”

With all of this going on - its been funny to see a recent trend of people crying foul of parents raising their kids how they choose to do so.  Stating instead that kids should be raised gender neutral - how dare a parent decide to raise their daughter to like dresses and pink?  That is just “destroing” civilization - at least according to them.  Let parents raise their kids how they want.  If they want to allow their daughters to like pink frilly dresses and have imaginary tea parties then let them.  If they choose not to - then let them.  To them I say - get a job hippie.  

It’s time to de-hippify life.  Lets get back to reality.